‘... the thought and creativity was brilliant and the kids had an absolute ball.’
Liberty's 5th birthday party

NEW: in these current times, we are now offering LIVE ZOOM PARTIES!

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60 min session = £80

This will consist of a 40 min entertainment session for up to 15 active participants, with 10 mins either side for monitored arrivals and post-entertainment chat.
More guests? Activities? Video? Keep reading!

Want a downloadable video of the party?
Unedited = £10
Basic edit = £30 (crashes & pops etc removed)
Full edit = £40 (title and sound balancing included)
Sent by Dropbox or WeTransfer
All videos for private personal use only. No remuneration will be provided by either Crafty Tales or the party host to any participants in said video recording. The act of voluntary participation will be taken as consent to the above terms.

Optional extras (prices on application):

  • Too many friends to choose from?
    Groups of 16+ will require an extended session to allow interaction with each participant.
    Prices from £10
  • Need extra chat time?
    We can happily offer more time during and after the entertainment session for party interaction and catching up with friends and family.
    This will be monitored for you so that you don't have to deal with the technical issues at your end.
    Prices from £10
  • Party activities?
    We can send your guests printable activities to do at home, such as:
    A party hat to make & colour
    A party theme activity sheet
    A party theme colouring sheet
    Prices from £3 per activity for the whole party


  • Ensure you have a strong connection
    Home wifi will be more reliable than using mobile data and is less likely to cut out.
    Close all other tabs & turn off notifications to ensure an undisturbed session.
  • Use the largest screen possible
    You will be able to see all your guests & get the best view of the entertainment on a larger screen, so we suggest using your laptop or computer rather than your phone.
  • Get close to the microphone
    Ensure that your microphone is muted during the entertainment session.
    During the participation section and the chat time, you will be unmuted, so stay close to your device so that you can be seen and heard clearly!
    We recommend that you stay within half a metre of your device.
  • Enjoy!

  • "Crafty Tales" can make a party around any theme - we have never been stumped.We personalise the song lists, and range from a simple 40 min music set for babies, to a 40 min story/songs/parachute fun for up to age 5 (sadly, for 6+, our Glow-In-The-Dark parties, Science parties, and a full table-top Harry Potter Magic School  session, complete with take-home wizard starter set, with face paints and tattoos as the children arrive as an additional option, are unavailable online!)

Past party themes

Dinosaurs, Space Aliens/ Superheroes, Farmyard, Pirates, Animals, Fairies, Jungle, Octonauts, Go-Jetters, Jungle, Pyjamas, Totoro, Princesses,Dragons, Underwater, Witches & Wizards, Monsters, Toy Story, Tinkerbell, Star Wars, Mr Men, The Gruffalo's Child,  Action Man, In the Night Garden, Racing, Where The Wild Things Are, Peppa Pig, Teddy Bears' Picnic, Katie Morag, Harry Potter, Frozen, Glow In The Dark, Science, Butterflies.

For two years and under we provide a personalised music set with lots of sensory fun. For three years and up we provide original and customised stories, with full floor activities, parachute fun, party lights, songs and games. For six years and up we provide science-based parties that can also be done around the theme of Witches and Wizards, and Harry Potter.

Outline for a 1hr 10min party

Party opening - 30 minutes

The party opens with temporary tattoos and face-painting (small motifs only)

Storytime - 40 minutes

The children sit in a circle and the fun begins! Welcome songs, Boo-Boo the puppet, dancing, parachute, bubbles, instruments (4yrs and under) and, of course, a fully interactive story.

We clear up and leave while the children sit down to eat.

Always happy to provide inspiration for activities during that final 30 mins before the children go home!


Science/ Harry Potter/ Witches and Wizards Parties (for children age 6 - 10)

Expanding rabbits, runaway shadows, lasers, flashes, bangs and snot! Or in other words; optical illusion, light  and gas technology followed by polymer experimentation.......This party caters for a maximum of 20 children, and requires space for both tables and a demonstration area. Party bags can be included.

Party prices

Half-party (1 hr 15 mins): 30 mins face-paints & tattoos,
followed by 40 mins entertainment.
£135 (10 guests max) or £175 (10-20 guests) or £215 (30 guests max) 

Entertainment for 40-minute session only:
From £95, dependent on distance

Harry Potter/ Witches/Wizards/Science Parties
Space for science tables and demonstration area required.
£175 (£135 if you can provide me with an assistant!) + £4/5 per head

Science students will take home a pot of slime & a goblet of snow. (£4 per head)

Level One Wizarding Students will take home a Wizarding Certificate, Spell Book, slime pot, snow goblet (£5 per head)


Jealous? Want your own special occasion? NEW...

Commission a beautiful Life Cake - your whole life on a cake.

Hand-made, hand-modelled, completely personalised.

Keep the three-tier topper, eat the beautifully decorated cake underneath.

Pass it down the generations, so your grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren will always know your life story.




Here are a few of our favourite party places....

Teddington/Hampton/Hampton Hill;

Teddington Baptist Church, Church St., Teddington TW11 8PF (020) 8978 8000

Hampton Methodist Church Hall, Percy Rd,  Hampton, TW12 2JT, (020) 8979 3980

Hampton Hill United Reformed Church, Hampton Hill High St,  TW12 1NB, (020) 8979 3552

Red LIon Pub (back room area), 164 Stanley Rd, Teddington TW11 8UD,  (020) 8977 1687

Methodist Church, 1 Stanley Rd, Teddington TW11 8TP, (020) 8973 1880

St Francis De Sales Church Hall, 16 Wellington Rd, Hampton Hill TW12 1JR, (020) 8977 1415

St Mark's Scout Hut, St Mark's Rd, Teddington TW11 9DE, (0208) 8977 4067

St James' Church Hall,St James' Rd, Hampton Hill TW12 1DQ (020) 8941 6003

St Mary's Parish Hall, Langham Rd, Teddington TW11 9HF, (020) 8943 2262


Turk's Head, 28 Winchester Rd, Twickenham TW11 1LF, (020) 8892 1972

St James'Church Hall, Radnor Rd, Twickenham TW1 4ND (020) 8894 3746

Coach House, Orleans House Gallery, Riverside, Twickenham, TW1 3DJ, (020) 8831 6000


Roehampton Club, Roehampton Lane, SW15 5LR, (020) 8480 4200


Duke's head Pub (Wolseley Room upstairs), 8 Lower Richmond Rd, Putney SW15 1JN, (020) 8788 2552