In our classes for 0-12m (Baby Music & Development),come and learn WHY we sing, laugh and sign with our children - yes, believe it or not IT IS A SCIENCE! Introduce your baby to the Hello song, meet Boo-Boo the puppet, and have fun with musical instruments, bubbles, twirly lights, and fully interactive songs. Simple signing, full explanations of the neuroscience behind what you are doing with your baby as we go along.

In  our classes for 12-24m (Interactive Toddler Music), the focus now moves to encouraging your child to practise skills for themselves rather than you, as a parent, modelling them. These sessions are for movers; join in with the Hello Song, meet Boo-Boo the puppet, jump and dance around to the interactive songs, play with the hands-on musical instruments (all cleaned before the class!), chase the bubbles and the twirly lights, finish by signing our Goodbye song. And - best of all - they don't get trampled by older children!

In our classes for 2-4s (Interactive Music & Storytelling), all of the above, plus we get the children to join in with short interactive stories, all drawn from myths, legends, folktales and traditional fairy tales from around the world. Stories support your child's social and emotional development from a safe standpoint - they learn about how the world works, how to deal with difficult situations, what is expected of them, and what to expect of other people. The interactive element allows your child to explore body language and facial expression, and encourages them to see situations from another person's viewpoint as well as their own. 

Young children are rarely able to settle down to any one activity for a full half hour. You will find that our sessions change focus every two minutes or so, so that the children use different faculties on a rotation basis, while the fixed structure of the classes encourages confidence through repetition.